CSChE Conferences

69th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference 2019
Halifax, NS, CA
70th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference 2020
Ottawa, ON, CA


Participants have 3 minutes or less to present their Elevator Pitch or Business Pitch to a panel of non-specialist judges. The challenge is to present complex technical information in an engaging, accessible, and compelling way. This session is an opportunity for graduate students to showcase the innovation and impact of their research, as well as their innovative chemical engineering business ideas, to a wider audience of the chemical engineering community. It is open to all graduate students.
Four speakers will be selected to give 15-minute TED-Talk-style presentations at the Emerging Leaders in Chemical Engineering plenary session during CSChE 2018. The awardees will give a perspective talk of their own research topic, and how it will influence science, engineering, and society at large in Canada and abroad.

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